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SAA Scavenger Hunt


SAA Scavenger Hunt
October 11, 2012

The Student Alumni Association will be hosting its first ever Scavenger Hunt! The official meeting place will be in Gold Room B in Oakland Center.   Registration will be from 5pm – 5:30pm. Registration is now closed.  Please visit the events page for upcoming events. 

The scavenger hunt will test your OU knowledge, OU spirit, and innovation.  The Scavenger Hunt will be a team competition.  Teams will put their thinking caps on in order to outsmart their competition in this fun and fast paced event. Your team will solve riddles, answer questions, and take pictures of them doing outrageous things, find secret locations, while they work cohesively as a team in a high-energy and fun way.

Scavenger Hunt Procedure:
Each team will be given a clue assignment sheet, campus map, and pencil/pen.  The clue assignment sheet will have a list of directions that guide the team to specific clue destinations.  Each team will have a different set of instructions, so only follow your own assignment sheet.  If you lose this assignment sheet your team is automatically disqualified (*But you may still eat and party with usJ).  When your team arrives at a clue destination, you must first find the clue holder (OU alum or student volunteer) because they will have instructions to where you can find the object/clue in the building.  Once you have completed the task you must then go back to the clue holder to receive their signature, and then and only then will they give you instructions to the next clue destination. There will also be bonus questions on each team’s assignment sheet.  You can answer these at any time, but remember the primary clues are worth more points. After your team has solved all of the clues, you must then race back to the meeting location so that your point total can be tallied up by the judges.

 Point criteria: 10 points for every completed clue, 10 points to the first team who arrives back with all of their clue assignment sheet completed, 5 points for every bonus question answered correctly, 5 points for the second team who arrives with all of their clue assignment sheet completed, and 2 point deduction for every 2 minutes your pass the designated return time.  


    1st Prize:  1 week's worth of free groceries for each team member
    2nd Prize: OU sweatshirt pack 
    3rd Prize: OU gear pack  

Rules and Regulations:

1). Groups must be made up of 5 students.

2). No Cheating! This scavenger hunt is intended to be competitive and challenge teams to try to win, but the overall goal is build school spirit, meet other OU students, and have a good time doing it.

3). All group members must be present at each clue site in order to receive points for that question.  Team members may not split up to find different clues (Teams that stays together……).

4). All group members must be present in any photos to receive points.

5). All teams must arrive back to the designated meeting place on time.

6).Be courteous and respectful to other teams and all people involved in the scavenger hunt.  Do not allow you competitive drive to cause you to be rude!

7). Judges determine the final winner. No arguing with judges

8).Compete fiercely but behave appropriately and according to OU rules.

9). Have fun!

Contact Information
Torres McLean
Student Alumni Advisor
Date & Location
Date: 10/11/2012
Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Main Campus
Oakland Center
Gold Room B